Consumer Research

Research to shape your marketing strategy

First, we use in-depth research to help you grow a deep understanding of the people you need to reach – how they think, feel and act. Then we combine meaningful attitudinal and behavioural data with deep expertise and the latest technology platforms to give you invaluable insight. And this insight gold will help develop a big-picture marketing strategy that gets results.

Not only will we help you quantify market opinion, but you can also get a qualitative response on small projects too.

Using open free text responses, you can get instant feedback on fledgling concepts and brave new creative. You can run one ad hoc question, very cheaply, or ask a whole series of questions, including feedback on visuals.

Using our online research panel, we’ll provide you with cost-effective, real-time market insights that enable you to:

  • Test fresh creative ideas

  • Gain fast, accurate feedback on creative executions

  • Develop new products

  • Identify new audiences and winning propositions

  • Minimise your risk

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