What we do

Don’t know where to start with your campaign? We do.

We know dynamite campaigns are the result of inspired and meticulous planning, and we’ll help you develop an exciting, strategic approach that gets the results you need.

As a full-service marketing and advertising agency, we offer a unique blend of services to help you deliver truly successful campaigns, big or small.

Think planning, customer research and insight, data management, media, creative, TV, digital, print production and management and client services – everything you need to reach the people that matter, and inspire them to act.


Superboost your campaigns
A successful campaign is all in the planning. We’ll define your audience, understand their wants and needs, then package your cause in a motivating way that moves hearts, changes minds and inspires action, ultimately making the world a better place.

Consumer Research

Get to know the people who matter
We’ll start every campaign by getting under the skin of your target audience, finding out how they think, feel and act. And these dynamite research findings will inform your entire strategy. 


Don’t sit in the dark – get some insight
We’ll find nuggets lurking in your data that show you the way forward. We’ll evaluate the results, providing you with intelligent and reliable data that translates into a clear, actionable plan that firmly shapes everything from creative to media selection.


Great creative starts with inspired planning
Good creative must be compelling. And that starts by getting to know your organisation, your cause and the needs and values of your target market. Winning hearts and minds, we create ideas that resonate deeply and deliver exceptional results.


We know what works – and what doesn’t.
Catalyst Media, our dynamic media planning and buying service, will provide space and time across a multitude of platforms, from TV, radio and online, to direct mail and inserts. While touching even the hardest to reach audiences, we’ll make sure your campaign stands out.


Light touch, rigorous approach
With over 40 years’ experience across all the disciplines of print and production, we bring a wealth of knowledge on everything from paper sourcing to innovative print formats.


Be seen on screen
Whether it’s promoting brand, changing opinion, raising funds or providing an umbrella for a larger integrated campaign, moving image is everywhere and is essential to getting your message across on multi-channel.


Leading the way in digital
By the time you’ve read this paragraph something vital will have changed in the digital marketplace. And here at Catalyst, we’re right at the forefront of what’s happening and what works. We test and learn to protect budgets and provide the necessary insight to get results.

"I've been working with Catalyst on our legacy programme for years. Catalyst have fed their experience and wisdom into our strategy, and developed effective media plans and innovative creative ideas. They offer also excellent supporter research which has helped make our marketing very donor focused. They are a pleasure to work with."

John Hutchin, Greenpeace

"We have worked with Catalyst for several years on some of our most successful campaigns. As well as supplying creative and production for our direct marketing materials, they have helped us refine our mailing selections and segmentation, so we are more efficient and making considerable savings! They are always available and do all they can to help us meet our objectives. From strategic advice and analysis, to DRTV adverts and DM, they are a core component of the Tearfund team."

Jon Ackroyd, Tearfund

"Catalyst are an absolute joy to work with. A lovely group of people who always deliver. They listen and will do everything they can to help. Great ideas, great thinking and great fun. They never let you down, which probably explains why we have worked with them for over 20 years."

Joanna Dunstan, Amnesty

"We have worked with Catalyst for many years, and they have always offered strong and supportive advice, however complex the situation. They provide great data planning, market insight and thinking, plus brilliant creative, all delivered with good grace and humour. They are a pleasure to work with and an essential part of our team."

Sue Eddington, Combat Stress

"Recruiting new supporters is becoming harder in the current climate, but Catalyst has helped us establish new and profitable ways to find supporters and nurture them. They’ve delivered quick turnarounds to get to market and support our vital work. They are a trusted, insightful and innovative part of our team."

Jon Ackroyd, Tearfund

"Catalyst are great fun to work with and full of fresh ideas. The team are really supportive; they are super responsive and quick to turn around requests. The end product of campaigns have looked really fantastic and most have performed well."

Grace Akintokun, Diabetes UK

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