A deep dive into your data

With more than 50 years’ experience of modelling, predicting and analysing data, our team is never short of inventive ways to find the right people and inspire support for your cause.

Working with clients big and small, we use intelligent insight to drive informed and skilful decision making that gets results.

Using analytical and logical reasoning, we examine each component of the data provided. And we gather insight from everything we do, tracking the market continually through our in-house market research team and exploring behaviour through our analytics.

We’ll take a deep dive into your data using everything from decision trees and segmentation, to profiling and regression modelling, but the outcome will be clear insight and actions.

Never again will you get that horrible dawning realisation at the end of a data presentation that you have no clear steer on how any of these complex charts affect your marketing. Instead, we’ll help you make sense of data and provide findings that are clear, actionable, and cost-effective.

You’ll be guided on a wide range of vital areas – product development, opportunities to increase value, who to contact with which offer, ways to improve retention, where to spend your acquisition budget, a direction for your high value donor programme and more.

All this insight helps our creative team develop and test content tailored precisely for your target audience. And then we can get ready to hit the market with tuned in media planning and buying

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