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Working with impressive brands on vital causes, we inspire people to take positive action and help change the world.

Closing camps in China

Amnesty International
We’re helping Amnesty raise awareness of political ‘re-education’ camps in China, where people reportedly risk starvation, beatings and torture. The warm appeal urged supporters to call on the President of China to close the camps now. When the appeal swiftly exceeded targets – boosted by widespread news coverage – it was repurposed for cold audiences too.

Emergency appeal - Israel and Gaza

Amnesty International
As tragic events unfolded in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, we launched a multi-channel emergency appeal asking supporters to protect innocent civilian lives and expose war crimes. A key goal was persuading supporters they weren’t powerless, and it swiftly became Amnesty’s best performing appeal in 10 years, doubling fundraising targets. The funds are now helping Amnesty fight for international humanitarian and human rights law to be upheld.

Putting nature in recovery

Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust (BBOWT)
When BBOWT was seeking new nature-loving supporters, we turned straight to Sir David Attenborough. A recruitment drive on social media targeted key audiences, while a range of ads issued an urgent warning around threats to nature. Backed up with shock statistics, snoozing dormice and family days out, the ads attracted a flock of new members.

Pulling no punches with PTSD

Combat Stress
PTSD can devastate military veterans’ lives, and demand for specialist mental health services is high. Using a refreshed brand and hard-hitting boxing imagery, this appeal told the harrowing story of a veteran’s trauma in Afghanistan and recovery with Combat Stress. Through a combination of a DM pack and digital, this appeal smashed it with knock out results.

Too many lives lost

Combat Stress
To mark Armistice, mental health charity, Combat Stress, wanted to smash myths about ‘stereotypical’ military veterans. And our bold appeal, fronted by a fearless female Chinook crew member, really took off. An inspiring story of a wonder woman flying suit, traumatic tours and a monumental battle with PTSD helped convey the cruel reach of military trauma. And the multi-channel cold and warm campaigns smashed all targets.

A Christmas Wish

Coeliac UK
For people with coeliac disease, Christmas can feel like one long battle. The combination of endless socialising and festive food can easily trigger a dangerous auto- immune reaction. So, we swiftly created a visual identity for a Christmas campaign asking people to share their Christmas wishes. Not only did it prompt an avalanche of heartfelt responses, but an additional cold and warm fundraising appeal raised vital income too.

Reserve a Place with Crisis

We first developed the ‘reserve a place’ proposition for Crisis at Christmas in 2007. Since then, we’ve helped it grow into an award-winning integrated, multi-channel campaign, now widely recognised as one of the best mass marketing charity campaigns. In 15 years, income leapt from £2m to £24m, helping Crisis support thousands of people every year.

Co-creation appeal

For this innovative appeal, three Crisis members joined our agency throughout the creative process. With space to articulate their experiences and feelings, Edward, Sanches and Ray created an appeal that felt deeply authentic. Live launches on social media, combined with digital communications direct from the three members, helped the appeal really hit home with supporters. It went on to smash targets and raise vital funds to help end homelessness.

A life free of pain

A cold campaign for DEBRA helped fund research into a rare, agonising skin condition epidermolysis bullosa (EB), also known as ‘Butterfly Skin’. Featuring 14-year-old Isla, who lives in constant physical pain, the multi-channel appeal asked supporters to give so people like Isla can one day live a life free from pain.

Tech can’t wait

Diabetes UK
State-of-the-art tech can transform the lives of people with diabetes, helping them live well, and for longer. But a postcode lottery decides who gets it. And more research is needed to accelerate progress. Using a bold visual concept, we helped an inspiring campaigner tell his story and motivate others to join the fight for futuristic tech. The print and email warm appeal smashed all its fundraising targets.

Be a rebel. Make a Will.

When Greenpeace wanted to push the boundaries with gifts in Wills, we dived deep into qualitative and quantitative testing. Our challenge was retaining brand attributes like irreverence and assertiveness in the potentially sensitive area of legacy marketing. The winning propositions came to life in a multi-channel campaign which is now smashing it with a 3:1 ROI.

Building the Oak Cancer Centre

The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity
When the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity needed to build a new cancer centre, we launched an appeal with supporters and the general public. Patients, researchers and clinicians helped tell the story through three key stages; planning, building and completion. And thanks to a unique and impactful look and feel, and smart targeting, all phases smashed target.

This is not a home

This integrated campaign humanised the housing emergency in a disruptive and authentic way, demonstrating its devastating impact on regular people. Through data insight, customised audience approaches, powerful creative and contact journey planning, this hard-hitting appeal increased supporter engagement and loyalty, and exceeded income targets.

DRC emergency appeal

This emergency appeal centred on the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The country was experiencing one of the world’s most complex humanitarian crises, caused by conflict, climate extremes and disease. And just before print, a volcano erupted near Goma. The appeal swiftly raised £1m, with a response rate of 20% and an ROI of 16 to 1.

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