With decades of experience and a strong creative approach, we’ll bring you campaigns that are motivating, market-aware and highly engaging.

Whatever you are trying to do – change minds, influence the influential, raise money or get people to do things they didn’t think they wanted to do – we can help.

Planning is vital. It’s the reason we have plenty of planners and two companies dedicated to learning about you, your supporters, your potential supporters and the wider world.

Success is all about insight and what you do with it. So we’ll start by getting under the skin of your target audience and making sure research findings inform your entire strategy. Catalyst Research will test out new ideas, find out what people are really thinking, get feedback and help develop new products. (Whilst the sector became all consumed by the tragic story of Olive Cooke, research told us consumers had a much more pragmatic response, so we were mindful of the issues, but continued to use all the mediums available to us.)

We’ll help find the nuggets lurking in your data that show you the way forward.

Catalyst Data will then evaluate the results, providing you with intelligent and reliable data that translates into a clear, actionable plan that firmly shapes everything, from creative to media selection.

In all departments, planning is central, and we take a multi-media approach to our work because we understand how consumers watch and listen – and how these senses interact. Even in the more traditional world of print, we use inventive formats that involve people and are more likely to inspire engagement.

An agency without a strong planning ethos is an agency without a soul. We will make your strategy sing.

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“Catalyst have fed their experience and wisdom into our strategy, and developed effective media plans and innovative creative ideas.”

John Hutchins, Greenpeace

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