Standing against Amazon destruction

Standing against Amazon destruction

Sep 20, 2019 | Catalyst News

Global fast food chains have a colossal impact on the Amazon. So we’ve been buying media across key digital and press channels to help Greenpeace launch a vital campaign.

As fires ravage the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, we’re helping Greenpeace put pressure on global fast food companies to help stop the destruction

The Amazon is a vital carbon store that slows down the pace of global warming, and 60% of it is located in Brazil. But vast swathes of rainforest are being cleared to produce meat and crops, which is fuelling our climate emergency. That’s why Greenpeace is asking McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King to stop sourcing soya and meat from Brazil until the Amazon and its people are protected.

As the campaign launched in late August, we helped Greenpeace spread the word far and wide, buying media across key digital and press channels.

Food tainted by forest destruction

Global fast food chains have a colossal impact on the Amazon:

• KFC buys chicken from Brazil, which ends up in its UK outlets
• Not only does Burger King buy beef directly from Brazil, it is owned by a Brazilian billionaire through the company 3G Capital
• In 2016, McDonald’s in Brazil began buying meat from the Amazon for the first time since 1986

As well as directly sourcing poultry, KFC’s chickens are fed a diet of soya direct from the forests of Brazil. This is propping up a powerful system that is encouraging aggressive expansion of agribusiness into the Brazilian Amazon.

Fast food giants must take the lead

The campaign highlights how KFC, McDonalds and Burger King are the biggest names in fast food. Their shops are at virtually every high street across the UK. If these fast food companies speak out against forest destruction and change their ways, an entire industry could follow suit.

McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC and other similar companies have promised to eliminate deforestation from their supply chains, but they are failing to meet these commitments.

At a time when the crisis of the fires is capturing global attention, we’re desperately hoping the campaign will persuade companies to stop sourcing products from Brazil and distance themselves from attacks on critical forests before it’s too late.

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