Tearfund Legacy – Looking back over the last 50 years


As Tearfund celebrated 50 years of restoring lives, we wanted to find a meaningful way of thanking supporters for believing in the charity and everything that they stand for.

At the same time we also wanted an appeal for legacies, offering supporters the chance to support the charity’s work for the next 50 years and beyond.


Working in collaboration with Tearfund is always a joy and privilege. This was again the case with their recent communication to supporters who were interested in leaving a gift in their will to help with Tearfund’s work.

We knew some of the supporters would remember when the charity was founded in 1968. Feeling that Tearfund has played a significant part in their journey as a Christian and the way they engage with the issue of global poverty. It was important that the legacy mailing appreciated this deeply meaningful relationship.


Legacy gifts are, above all, gifts from the heart. The mailing was created as a testament to the emotional connection supporters have with Tearfund’s pioneering work.

The Jubilee anniversary gave Tearfund a one in fifty year opportunity to talk about their history. And what better way to mark the Jubilee year than include a timeline of Tearfund’s milestones? This was spread across a beautiful keepsake folder combining historical imagery and factual details on the incredible impact of Tearfund’s work.

Great care was taken when selecting images and excerpts to convey critical points over the years. From the loading of a Britannia airliner with supplies for Bangladesh’s refugee crisis in 1974. Right through to their first online campaign in 1995. As well as the launch of Tearfund’s inspirational ten-year-vision in 2006.

Looking to the future.
We also wanted to emphasise how every supporter who decided to leave a gift in response would be helping to strengthen the charity’s work for the next 50 years and beyond.


The results were in a class of their own.

There was a 91% increase in pledges compared to the 2017/18 mailing. We also had a 20% increase in responses, with £29,761 received.

The mailing was also warmly received, with supporters giving positive feedback as well as requesting some additional packs.

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