Crisis at Christmas Digital Campaign 2018


Crisis at Christmas has a well-established schedule of traditional media activity, helping us reach millions of people. But over the last few years, we’ve been working with Crisis to build an equally strong digital component to the campaign.


We maximised out digital response by creating simple, time-specific creative to work in conjunction with other media.

Programmatic platforms have always worked well, but working with our new digital partner, we were able to optimise the machine learning to deliver even more donations at an even lower CPA.


We know people behave in a specific way online, so we created carefully targeted contact strategies to keep pace with these supporters. Using a strong test and learn ethos, we continually developed and tested new creative messages, while searching for the best digital platforms to engage the target audience. Last year, this ranged from social and DAX right through to Sky AdSmart.

Facebook has always been a key part of the digital mix, but this year delivered the strongest performance we have ever seen. Using a combination of video and phased ads, we told the whole campaign story over eight weeks. And by identifying audiences based on supporter profiling data, the Facebook ads performed better than ever before.


Digital continues to grow in importance for Crisis at Christmas. In 2018, we generated over ten thousand donations with an income of over £500k, at a CPA of £18.50.


Crisis at Christmas was shortlisted for best Individual Giving Campaign of the year at the IOF awards.

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